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Already planning for Fall 2017

Bio 401, Cell Biology with lab

Cell Bio will be little different this coming year due to the possibility of Lee Kapp coming on board with one of my lab sections, but I plan to try to keep the core teaching approach intact. The basics will not change. We will have traditional information intense lectures and exams covering how cells work, learn how to read and interpret current cell biology research papers through group presentations, and contribute your knowledge to the world by writing on Wikipedia. The lab will almost certainly be different from past semsters as I will be helped out by Lee Kapp. We are going to make them consistent across the two sections and we have some good ideas to test over the summer.

Writing for Wikipedia as an assignment

I gave a talk for Open Access week in late October 2016 on my thoughts and experiences using writing for Wikipedia in Bio 401. This talk was pitched to educators who are thinking about working with WikiEdu to set up a writing for Wikipedia assignment for a class. Find out why I think it is a great assignment here or at the link on the side bar!