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Scientists are educators first and foremost and it is our responsibility to educate those around us when given an opportunity. Hence, I always try when I can to help out science writers who need expert advice on evolution, aging, ants and other social insects even when the story is not about my own work.  If I cannot be of direct help I might be able to point you in the right direction. Feel free to contact me.

A Web Scrapbook:


  Guest blogger for Wiki Edu

  Evoluton and Aging


  Biologist’s research featured on TV show

  Professor's Research Featured

  Some Ants Never Get Old
(I just helped the writer with this one.)

  A New Hope from the Digital Generation
A piece I wrote for the local alternative newspaper. Scroll to bottom of page 2 on the pdf.


  SUNY students protest, citing racism on campus


  The Ants With Three Sexes.
This interview was not used and did not air, but the producer kindly posted it here.


  Marine Life Talk: The Mysteries of Ageing in a Marine Environment

  Editor's Choice:  Education,  A destination in time


   Bee study examines ageing process

   New study investigates life and death in the bee hive

   New study investigates life and death in the bee hive


  Pas de deux, why are there only two sexes?


  Decreased expression of Cu-Zn superoxide dismutase 1 in ants with extreme lifespan.

  Random Samples, Three's company

  Everything you wanted to know about the sexes