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Dr. Joel Parker
SUNY Plattsburgh
Biology/Hudson 335
101 Broad Street
Plattsburgh, NY 19201

Office: Hudson 327


On Twitter and Tumblr.


Tel: (518)-564-5279
Fax: (518)-564-3175
Skype: joelparcoeur

About my "Nom d'E-plume" Joel Parcoeur (jparcoeur).

I never realized how common my name was until the internet made me invent all kinds of clever versions for user names. While working in Lausanne, a pretty Vaudoise once told me that I pronounced my name exactly as if I were saying "by heart" in french. I now use this homonym not as a way of hiding my identity nor to distance myself from anyone, but to uniquely identifying myself in an electronic sea full of Joel Parker's.

Karen Parker's Beading

It took Karen awhile to find a job after our move. She worked part time for a bit at UVM but the interstate commute and her artistic interests led her to try something home based. She is now a full time beader and artist selling her work on Etsy and at the The Champlain Wine Company. She has been on the cover of BeadWork Magazine(twice!) and published a book of her patterns with Interweave Press. Her Etsy shop link is below.

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