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I am an Associate Professor at SUNY Plattsburgh. I study the evolution and molecular basis of aging using Drosophila and social insects. I teach Cell Biology (Bio 401), Communicating Biology (Bio 380), General Genetics (Bio 305) and Biology of Aging (Bio 339). I also supervise undergraduate research projects on aging and stress using invertebrate models.

Website updated: June, 2015.


I got tenure!

I am not sure yet how this is going to effect anything besides lower my stress levels and allowing a more long term perspective. I am very greatful and happy to not be job hunting this fall and to have found a permanent home after so much moving around the world.

Teaching Cell Biology (Bio 401) this fall semester.

An additional lab section has been added to the course but the student numbers are not doubling so we are going to benefit from smaller student numbers per lab. Last year, the fall (taught by me) and spring (taught by Don Slish) sessions both incorporated a developing research project using a C. elegans model of Parkinson's disease. We are going to build on those results in the lab this autumn. Students can also look forward to learning how to read advanced cell biology papers and paying back years of Wikipedia use by editing cell biology pages.