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I am an Associate Professor at SUNY Plattsburgh. I study the evolution and molecular basis of aging using Drosophila and social insects. I teach Cell Biology (Bio 401), Communicating Biology (Bio 380), General Genetics (Bio 305) and Biology of Aging (Bio 339). I also supervise undergraduate research projects on aging and stress using invertebrate models.

Website updated: August, 2016.


Bio 401 with new labs!!

It looks like a smaller class for Cell Biology this semester so we are going to take advantage of it to do different, more sophisticated labs. In addition to the usual differential centrifugation and enzyme assay, we'll be doing an activity gel, a Western blot and imaging fluorescence in transgenic flies to monitor autophagy. The regular part of the course will include a primary literature focus and Wikipedia writing. We will also be adding online a homework component for the lecture section that am hoping will help with exam performance. This should be an exceptionally fun semester!

Bio 490, Integrated Research Experience will be offered in the spring.

This famous 12 credit class built around research projects can count for Communicating Biology (Bio 380), and Cell Biology (Bio490). Historically it was first taught at the Miner Institute and more recently has been team taught by the Conrad's in house. The course is an immersive intense research centered class that is designed to be the only class a student takes in the semester. This spring I will be teaching it for the first time and the research topic will be understanding how management of oxidative stress and regulation of cellular senescence affects aging in Drosophila. If you are interested contact your advisor and me!!!


Come see some of our most popular and interesting professors and local experts share their science with the general public at 30 City Hall Place in downtown Plattsburgh. The public is invited to attend the free talks at 5:30pm on the first and third Monday of the month over the next semester. I organize this series for the nonprofit 30 City Downtown and Visitors's Center.

The Fall 2017 schedule:

Monday, Sept. 11: Prof. Sam Northshield (SUNY Plattsburgh, Mathematics) "Mathematics as Science: the Prime Numbers"

Monday, Sept. 25: Prof. Don Slish (SUNY Plattsburgh, Biological Sciences) "Pharmacology of Recreational Cannabis"

Monday, Oct. 9: Dr. Victoria Reynolds (SUNY Plattsburgh, Communication Sciences and Disorders) "Do you hear what I hear? Let's talk about your voice"

Monday, Oct. 23: Prof. Linda Luck (SUNY Plattsburgh, Chemistry) "Molecular gastronomy: the science behind your meal."

Monday, Nov. 6: Rob Roy (Director of Earthwood Building School in West Chazy) "Building stone circles and moving megaliths ... the ancient way?'"

Monday, Nov. 20: Dr. Rajesh Sunasee (SUNY Plattsburgh, Chemistry) "Welcome to the world of Nanotechnology: Its benefits and impacts on our society"

Monday, Dec. 4: Prof. Tim Mihuc (SUNY Plattsburgh, Environmental Sciences, LCR) "Long term patterns in Lake Champlain plankton: the role of invasive species and climate change."