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I am an Assistant Professor at SUNY Plattsburgh. I study the evolution and molecular basis of aging using Drosophila and social insects. This year I am teaching Cell Biology (Bio 401), Communicating Biology (Bio 380), General Genetics (Bio 305). I hope to offer Biology of Aging (Bio 339) again next spring semester.

Website updated: December, 2014. Banner photograph: Jan. 1, 2014 on Moffet Road in Plattsburgh N.Y.


Mike Blackney's dissertation is published!

My former Southampton graduate student's (Mike Blackney) paper is now out ,"Cloning and expression analysis of Drosophila extracellular Cu Zn superoxide dismutase". This includes work from Rebecca Cox who tested the effect of the SOD3 mutant on lifespan as part of her undergraduate thesis. I think this huge paper may have set a new personal record for the most figures in one paper.

Teaching General Genetics (Bio 305) this spring semester.

This will be a two lab section class with labs on Tuesday and Friday so I am adjusting the teaching approach to work with this larger split class. We will be diving into population genetics as well as molecular genetics and some tree building. Everyone will be competent fly pushers by the time we are done!

The Spring of Aging Flies.

Research this spring semester is shaping up to test a range of compounds and hypotheses on lifespan and stress resistance in Drosophila with a returning undergraduate researcher (Sophia You) and several new undergraduates. I may still be looking for someone to finish up the climate change project with the ants. If any one is interested please contact me.