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I am an Assistant Professor at SUNY Plattsburgh. I study the evolution and molecular basis of aging using Drosophila and social insects. This year I am teaching Cell Biology (Bio 401), Communicating Biology (Bio 380), General Genetics (Bio 305) and Biology of Aging (Bio 339).

Website updated: January 5, 2014

Looking forward to:

Teaching a new class: Biology of Aging (Bio 339).

For a long time I have wanted to teach a class based on my 2nd year tutorials on aging that I used to run at the University of Southampton. Now I finally have the chance! We will be using The Biology of Aging for the basics and reading primary literature on the main biochemical theories of aging by the end of the semester. We are even going to try a small lab research project as part of the class.

Continuing work with friends at UVM.

The work on climate change and heatshock responses in ants will continue with an undergraduate researcher (Brian Whyte) in collaboration with Sara Cahan Helms. Time for PCR and to following up on Brian's results from this past fall. We are looking into getting more money this summer for another REU student. Fingers crossed!